Number Flash Cards Printable 1-10 With Images And Words

These are free Number Flash Cards Printable with funny images and words for teaching children in preschool to recognize numbers from 1 to 10. Score cards will not only display the numbers only, but also writing and pictures that represent the total number. In this way makes the children become easy to find out how the shape of numbers, texts and number of cartoon pics of that number with these printable flash cards.

Number Flash Cards Printable

Printable Number Flashcard

With this template, the children are also introduced to the writings of such figures. So they began to recognize the writing of that number with this number card to print.

Number Flash Cards With Images

Besides pictures, your children are also introduced to a number of images in accordance with that number.

Coloring Printable Flash Card

In addition, this printable cards can also be used as coloring pages. They can give color to the numbers, writing and drawing. Only with one type of card you can have creativity tool in teaching your children. Introducing the children about the numbers in a way to play while learning with flash cards printed numbers will be easier because they enjoy doing it.

Those are number flash cards printable free to download.