Free Printable Borders For Invitations

Paper Border Designs – These are free printable borders for invitations that you can convert to Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, such as wedding invitation, party invitation, birthday invitation, bridal shower invitation, dinner, etc. The result could be more unique invitation that you buy at store. The format is in half Letter paper size landscape orientation.

Printable Borders For Invitations

Finding printable invitations in internet or store is challenging that sometime it is so easy to get it. But more often it is so hard to get the best one as needed. Actually there are so many invitation designs and layout that available online or offline. One of them is provide borders around the invitations. Printable border is designed to add more the beauty of the card itself. By adding a little decoration on the card, but gives a lot of exciting effects, can make the invitation become more attractive.

Than you can put your own wording invitation in it with your own text that romantic, fancy, as you like. Many occasion and event invitations can be used at any time because of printable and editable text and format as print your own invitation.

Other Printable Borders

These template almost similar to page border boxes design, borders for kidscertificate border in MS Word.

Sample Borders

Here the free samples invitation border and frame:

printable border for invitation

printable border invitation
Invitations Borders Sample Images

It is so simple to prepare an event with printable borders for invitations.


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