Free Paper Border Design for Kids to Make Printable Writing Paper

Free Border Templates
– These are printable paper border design for kids with a colorful design in Microsoft Word, half letter paper size landscape orientation. The template can be used to make certificate, invitation, card for their activities. Boys or girls can use this template for their work.

Printable Paper Border Design For Kids

Printable border is intended to make such a document like certificates, invitations, cards, with children design, frame and background. The paper borders design is dominant with clip art images like cartoon, full color. The cliparts can be stars, sun, cartoon heads, animal, floral equipped with funny text, fonts and words.

As you know a writing paper without border looks like a loosing text when your read it. This printable border design can help you in managing the text aligning and having a better layout. But now, the writing paper is not always having lines between texts, like in this template. This printable paper is designed to have different style with other note.

Printable Border Function

There are a lot of function of this free printable as seen below :

  • Making letter for friends is one function for this paper border.
  • Making programs for kids
  • Flashcard design
  • Certificate for kids
  • Cooking Worksheet
  • Agenda
  • Calendar
  • Flyer Border
  • Paper background
  • Math border
  • Photo frame

Actually, this template is created in jpg format. But you can transform it to a MS Word document as well. As you know, adding file of .jpg to a .doc can make the image to be other format.

You can choose other printable page borders design such as border certificate in MS Word format.

Printable Border Sample

Here the images sample borders to print for children:

free printable border for kids

printable borders for kids

Invitation Borders For Kids


Below the video you can see why paper borders for kids is useful :

It would be more funny for boys and girls in their activities to use free printable paper border design for kids.


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