Free Printable Stationary Template Santa Christmas

Christmas comes and Santa is coming, that the theme of this free printable santa stationary that you can download and print. This letterhead writing paper is in Microsoft Word 2003 and letter size.

How To Use Printable Santa Stationery

If you want type your own txt using computer, you can add your text on the stationery on MS Word by adding text box. It is easy to edit the font, font size and color on text editor.

But if you want to handwrite the paper, you can print this stationary on your paper and write your wishes there. This instruction is also for stationery winter, stripe, and birthday.

Santa Stationery Image And Download

Here you can see the sample image if this letterhead paper of santa.

printable santa stationary
Printable Santa Stationary

And you can download this printable santa stationary for free.