Halloween Pumpkin Carving Templates with Happy Face Pattern Design

It is a Halloween pumpkin carving templates  stencil of happy face pattern for Halloween design for a glowing decoration in Trick or Treat fun and games. Face looks funny and cheerful with a smile and sparkling eyes that show happiness fit in fruit carved pumpkin. This image can be downloaded for free in PDF format or Adobe Reader and printed on any paper.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Templates

Funny Pumpkin Pattern Stencil

With the help of this pattern, designed the happy pumpkin face becomes very easy. In addition, the image or photo of this pattern made to look like cartoons unique and different from the look that never existed. If making a fruit pattern from photo of a smiling pumpkin man would be quite difficult because too many details to be made.

Drawing Pumpkin Face Ideas

Here are some pages alternative patterns of pumpkin face template images that can be downloaded and printed to create a character both in the face pumpkin carving or painting :

And you can download the free Halloween pumpkin carving stencils for carving your best creation with Halloween Pumpkin Carving Templates with Happy Face Pattern Design :

Happy Pumpkin Face Pattern

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