Small Shape Star Template 4 Points Printable in MS Word

Here a free small star template printable for your need in stencil, craft, kids activities, document in certificate and anything else. You can use this 4 point star by downloading the file, print, cut, paint and stick on any place you want. The stars available in Microsoft Word (MS Word) and PDF format.

4 Point Small Shape Star Template

It is a four point small printable star template that you can use for stencil, student in kindergarten for pattern or design to produce many pictures at the same size. The stars available in multiscale that you can download at once, then you print, cut any scale you need.

You can have other printable star template available here such as large star.

Sample Star Image

Here the image sample of small star 4 point :

small printable star template
Small Star


And here the file to download in MS Word and PDF version for small printable star template.